Stressed, Frustrated and Exhausted? Ready for that Path To An Amazing Life-

This is not what you expected at this time of your life.

End your energy crashes, ditch the bloat and calm the chaos.

In my 1:1 coaching  Program, I’m your #1 supportive partner.

Together, we will track and address your physical symptoms, thoughts and emotions, and use nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle changes to help you thrive.

You need to focus on your well-being and nourish your body and mind, so you can identify triggers and start to sleep better, reduce hot flashes and night sweats, and feel at ease and happier.

Are you ready for change? Let’s take the first step

towards a better sense of well-being!

Bring balance back into your life and empower yourself to make the changes .

Often times we ask ourselves questions like ‘what’s missing?’ or ‘can I really have it all?’—the block that’s often stopping us is fear. We’ll work together to identify your personal passions and building a mindset and a life centered around what you love most.

There are countless harmful habits, from negative self-talk to unhealthy eating , that can keep you feeling ‘stuck’. We will work to identify root causes of the habit(s) and outline steps to overcome and replace them with a healthy lifestyle. Food is energy and medicine so nutritional health and optimizing nutrition is essential for well-being.

4 Months Signature Program

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The ultimate Transformation:

heal your body... feel and look amazing,

have a life you love.

  Reclaim your energy , strength and joy

while living in your healthy weight!

The 16 week 1:1 Customized Package allows time for sustainable change and lifestyle transformation.

The Four Month Customized Coaching Package Includes:

We work together to uncover potential root issues, and identify what your unique needs and goals are to support you in feeling your best every day. Holistic Nutrition involves supporting your well-being using whole foods, intentional nutrients, self-care tools, and functional wellness and lifestyle practices to support the health and happiness of your body, mind, and self.

This is a Four-Month Coaching Package.  This is the 1:1 highly customized coaching package we create together. This is you and I, collaboratively creating a support plan that meets your personal needs and goals while honoring your story. Starting with a comprehensive look into your unique situation, we’ll:

  • Explore your health and lifestyle, and all your wellness challenges and goals.

  • Start developing a roadmap to make this transition easier.

  • A- 75 min initial Health and Wellness Assessment

  • Personalized recipe guides, printable grocery list, based on your lifestyle, and budget.

  • Bi-weekly 45-minute phone/zoom coaching calls and check-ins for the Four Months.

  • Resources, handouts, journals, worksheets & additional recipes as needed that can support you in achieving success.

  • Receive accountability, email and text support between our coaching calls as needed so you stick with these changes even when life gets busy or challenging.

  • Aromatherapy consult with essential oil blend.



We’ll look at how you currently eat and your relationship with food. Learn what and how to eat , taking your whole body into account. Give your body the proper nutrients it needs during this time. Reduce inflammation, a key indicator of how you’ll age.

Stress Reduction.

I’ll introduce mind-body techniques to elicit the relaxation response and reframe your mindset. Learn easy self-care techniques to nourish your soul. Reducing daily stress improves your outlook and mood. You will feel less overwhelmed with proven stress management practices.


Sleep and Insomnia.

We will address lifestyle factors to improve sleep patterns. Develop a bedtime routine to conquer insomnia or help you fall asleep more easily. Choose food and nutrition that improves sleep.

Exercise and Movement.

You will develop an exercise/movement routine that help manage menopause/perimenopause symptoms including better sleep, fewer hot flashes, weight gain, and bone loss. Find activities that bring you joy to improve commitment.



If you are like many peri and menopausal women, you may feel moody, irritable, maybe even anxious or depressed. It does not have to be that way. Lifestyle changes, proper nutrition to keep blood sugar balanced and to support your hormonal health, and mind-body techniques will help you feel more even-keeled and positive during this time.

Find the perfect plan for you

Book a discovery call to learn more about the programs.

One Month Nutrition Focused Program

$299 MONTH
  • 60 min initial Health Assessment
  • Weekly 30-minute phone/zoom coaching calls and check-ins (3 sessions)
  • A recipe guide, grocery list, and weekly goals
  • Resources & additional recipes as needed can support you in achieving success

Monthly Plan

$ 150-375 MONTH
  • 55 minute initial session $125.00
  • 2 - 30 minute sessions /mo $150.00 2-45 minute sessions/mo $225.00
  • 3-30 minute sessions/mo $200.00 or 3 -45 minute sessions/mo $300.00
  • 4- 30 minute sessions/mo $250.00 or 4- 45 minute sessions/mo $375.00

4 Month Signature Program

  • 75 min initial Health & Wellness Assessment
  • Bi-weekly 45-minute phone/zoom coaching calls & check-ins
  • Email & Text Support between our accountability calls
  • Personalized recipe guides & printable grocery list
  • Health & wellness plan that aligns with your goals
  • Resources, handouts, journals, worksheets & additional recipes

What my clients are saying...

I have had individual and group sessions with Heidi. In just a few months I have been able to incorporate positive changes to my daily routines to include activities I was struggling to enhance over the last few years. The sessions create a safe haven to voice your goals but also to know that you are allowed to take steps at your pace.. Heidi brings so many aspects of health together. Her knowledge of traditional medicine combined with her holistic approach provides me the confidence to explore many avenues to overall health. She does not pressure but gently plants seeds for each person to do with as they choose when they are ready. "

— Cathy W

I’m blessed to have worked with Heidi. I have much appreciated the time spent with her. She is an experienced healing practitioner and that becomes apparent in the sessions with her. I loved her calmness, presence, attunement, warm heart, compassion, preciseness, clarity, focus on helping your expressing your needs/goals and slowly forming your own path to walk on for it. I loved the structure of the sessions as well, the first couple of minutes were always spent for some deep breathing meditation, grounding and then was the discussion and goals setting for the week. There is always space for being accountable to yourself & to your own dreams & goals & Heidi is only there to remind you that.

— Natalia

Group Coaching Client "I felt Informed, motivated and aware. The group sessions were informational and supportive to help you learn to change your eating habits and become aware of what good food does for your body and mind. Being more able to be in control of what I eat and how my body feels in response to the food. She is knowledgeable from first hand experience and professional learning. Heidi finds information when questions are asked if she doesn't have the answer right away. She provides resources to help with success."


—Carla- PT

 Heidi is a wonderful support and guide. She is gentle, but clear. She works with the client in a very encouraging manner. During the course of the coaching sessions I began to see the ways I sabotage myself. I learned to make adjustments: to work with, rather than against, myself. She has a light, flexible, way of interacting. "

— DG- Educator

Group Coaching Client " I felt hopeful, energized, renewed. Factual informative presentation followed by group participation.Encouragement to take baby steps.Heidi presented a food plan that incorporated a lot of changes; but was flexible enough to meet me where I was. "

—Kathy- RN

The sessions helped me to delve into creative answers to get moving and  commit to a program of goals and activities that contribute to a greater sense of well being. Pinning down specific actions to take as well as outlining the days and times in which to do them. I I appreciate Heidi’s forthrightness and ability to help me create a plan and hold me accountable to it. “


Photo by P Heimplatz