Here is what some clients have shared about

their health coaching experiences with Heidi:

I’m blessed to have worked with Heidi. I have much appreciated the time spent with her. She is an experienced healing practitioner and that becomes apparent in the sessions with her. I loved her calmness, presence, attunement, warm heart, compassion, preciseness, clarity, focus on helping your expressing your needs/goals and slowly forming your own path to walk on for it. I loved the structure of the sessions as well, the first couple of minutes were always spent for some deep breathing meditation, grounding and then was the discussion and goals setting for the week. There is always space for being accountant to yourself & to your own dreams & goals & Heidi is only there to remind you that.Natalia

I have had individual and group sessions with Heidi. In just a few months I have been able to incorporate positive changes to my daily routines to include activities I was struggling to enhance over the last few years. The sessions create a safe haven to voice your goals but also to know that you are allowed to take steps at your pace.. Heidi brings so many aspects of health together. Her knowledge of traditional medicine combined with her holistic approach provides me the confidence to explore many avenues to overall health. She does not pressure but gently plants seeds for each person to do with as they choose when they are ready. “Cathy W.