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  • Beach House Luxury Soap


    Luxury Shea with Lavender, Mint & Tea Tree

    An luxurious everyday soap perfect for after a day at the beach or lake and includes nourishing coconut and shea butter to help condition your skin. The refreshing essential oils of lavender helps to soothe the body, mint invigorates and tea tree oil is known for its protective qualities. It is finished with a touch of the herb alkanet.

    Net wt. 4.9 oz


  • DP Lavender de Provence Luxury Soap



    Luxurious, ultra-creamy, nourishing soap is formulated to give skin moisture and conditioning. The refreshing essential oil of lavender helps to soothe and relax the body & mind. It is finished with a touch of rosehip powder.

    Net wt. 4.9 oz


  • Gift Box



    Your choice of any 2 soaps, handcrafted cedar soap dish and two mini shell soaps in box. Please email to your two soap choices.

  • Ocean Breeze Luxury Soap


    This luxury bar helps soften and moisturize the skin. It includes shea butter, naturally rich with essential fatty acids and nutrients that help to protect and condition while leaving your skin with a silky smooth finish. This favorite essential oil combination is a reminder of our wonderful ocean breezes.


    Net wt.   5  oz


  • Pine Barrens/Beech Forest Luxury Soap


    Luxury Shea & Coconut  with Lavender, Fir & Cedar

    This nourishing , luxurious shea butter and coconut soap produces a rich creamy bar to pamper your skin. The essential oil blend of fir and cedar will remind you of a relaxing walk through our beautiful scented forest enhanced by the wonderful magical essence of lavender. Alkanet and parsley herbs are the final addition.

    Net Wt. 5 oz


  • Sunny Days Luxury Soap


    This nourishing shea butter and coconut soap produces a luxuriously rich, creamy and conditioning bar with a lively zest of lemongrass and patchouli essential oils.


    Net wt.   5 oz