Hi, I'm born and bred  a "Jersey Girl"  , where we don't pump our own gas and have everything within a short drive in lot's of traffic. Even though I am in the burbs, I always loved the city but feel most connected when I am at the beach from Cape Cod to the Jersey Shore. I love everything outdoors- walking, biking , kayaking, gardening just connecting with Mother Earth.

I married my high school sweetheart and have two beautiful daughters and a fabulous son in law.

I love dogs and have a puppy, Bodhi (enlightenment in Sanskrit). I  find Bodhi in all sorts of places. He jumps like a goat several feet in the air and winds up in lots of trouble.  Dog coaching might need to be in my future.

Be Strong,2 Heidi

As a nurse, I was always interested in anything health and thought I led a relatively healthy lifestyle. I watched as many of my patients suffered from the devastating effects related to poor lifestyle choices  and never thought it could happen to me.  But then perimenopause hit and the bloating got worse, my blood pressure went up, lost my energy and the stress was killing me. Working, taking care of my family ( the young one and the old ones) and ignoring my own self care was finally catching up to me.  Health care providers prescribed medications and some general health recommendations but the health issues kept on growing, prediabetes, osteopenia, hypothyroid, anemia, heavy painful periods etc... I discovered Integrative and Functional Medicine and found fabulous health care practitioners who helped to determine the "root cause".  I eliminated processed foods, did food eliminations, started a daily meditation practice and a regular exercise program. In my journey, I discovered autoimmune conditions including celiac and hypothroidism. I was able to reverse these health issues and thought all was good.

Bodhi 1

However, life happens and I hit some more health roadblocks. I thought back to the lessons in holistic health I learned and I realized that, in addition to medical treatment, my body needed nourishment and love. I  learned that optimal physical nutrition was not the only necessity on the path to healing. I was experiencing a massive emotional roadblock that was preventing me from getting better, too. Chronic stress, past trauma, perfectionism, feelings of not being good enough, poor sleep and more contributed to my state of disease.

I decided to commit to both the physical and mental aspects of recovery. I left my job and began managing my stress through talk therapy, yoga, reiki, energy healing, and more. Well-being became a massive part of the healing process along with food.  This lifestyle continues to be a part of my healing journey and it took me almost a decade, many lessons learned and that is why I am passionate that your journey to wellness is achieved in a shorter time.


In my fifties, it feels as though I was reborn! Doing things I always dreamed I had the energy for, mountain biking in Colorado, zip lining in Niagara, fishing & clamming  paddleboarding & kayaking , yoga certification in Costa Rica and hiking volcanoes and glaciers.

How about you? Would you like to feel energetic, free to enjoy your hobbies, and able to move with greater ease – maybe to be able to get down on the floor and play with pets or grandchildren, and be able to get back up easily again?  What about photos with friends – do you want to feel good about those images shared across social media?  Do you want to feel more vibrant and alive and confident??

 Would you like to enjoy healthy, nourishing food that doesn’t feel restrictive, or like you are being denied?  Are you tired of counting calories?  How about that ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality to working out and getting fit?

It took me quite awhile to become my most vibrant and healthy self, and I’m still learning, growing, and evolving. It brings me great joy and sense of purpose to walk alongside others and explore the root cause of their health issues, so that they, too, can enjoy a life of vitality, strength, and confidence. I am passionate about what I do and am committed to helping you do the same!

Let’s chat and see if we might be a good fit for walking this journey together to Get Strong!.



Receiving healing


  • BSN in Nursing
  • Master's in Health Education
  • Master's in Nursing
  • American Holistic Nurse Health and Wellness Nurse Coach (HWNC-BC)
  • Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP)
  • Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner (CCAP)
  • Holistic Stress Management Instructor


  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 and 2 Professional Training (Dawson Church)
  • Auto Immune Paleo Certified Health Coach AIP Directory
  • Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) Training: Functional Nutrition, Reversing Cognitive Decline Advanced Clinical   & Cardiometabolic
  • 200 Hour RYT Therapeutic Yoga



"I loved her calmness, presence, attunement, warm heart, compassion, preciseness, clarity, focus on helping your expressing your needs/goals and slowly forming your own path to walk on for it."

— Natalia

"Her knowledge of traditional medicine combined with her holistic approach provides me the confidence to explore many avenues to overall health. She does not pressure but gently plants seeds for each person to do with as they choose when they are ready."

— Cathy W.

"During the course of the coaching sessions I began to see the ways I sabotage myself. I learned to make adjustments: to work with, rather than against, myself."

— D.G.

"I felt hopeful, energized and renewed. Heidi presented a food plan that incorporated a lot of changes; but was flexible enough to meet me where I was. "

Kathy RN

"The sessions helped me to delve into creative answers to get moving and  commit to a program of goals and activities that contribute to a greater sense of well being. Pinning down specific actions to take as well as outlining the days and times in which to do them. I I appreciate Heidi’s forthrightness and ability to help me create a plan and hold me accountable to it. "